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It’s easy to make a referral. Here’s how it works

Refer your contacts

We’ll send you a gift for each qualified lead.

Stay in the loop

We’ll let you know we’ve received your message and keep you updated.

Enjoy your reward

You’ll receive a commission payment if an order is placed.

You are our best advocate

You might already be recommending us to those in your network so why not get rewarded for those referrals?

Our programme provides a generous commission payment to those who help us reach more people. Simply provide us with contact details and we’ll take it from there!

Start earning money today

It’s simple. Even if your referral never becomes a client, you’ll still receive an exciting gift. And if they do sign up, you’ll be paid the easiest money you’ve ever earned.

Start your contacts’ journey towards hassle-free IT. And don’t worry; we’ll treat their contact details with the respect that you’d expect. Refer to our T&Cs and FAQs to answer your questions and to check eligibility.

Refer a friend today

Refer a friend today

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Referrals Contact Information

I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy I also understand that by completing the above form that I have been given permission to pass on personal data on behalf of the referral and that any testimonials may be used for marketing purposes.


Just submit your qualified referrals using our referral form, and we’ll do the rest! We’ll send you confirmation for each referral we receive from you. All you have to do then is await your initial reward and further updates from us – hopefully resulting in a commission payment when your referral places an order.

It’s easy. Just fill in the form above.

A qualified referral is somebody that is actively seeking IT support. The minimum requirement is that the business has between 10 and 150 seeking IT services and that they’d be interested in an assessment and proposal from us. They also need to be within Northern Ireland.

No – all you need to do is to supply us with the contact details. But if you do happen to know, you could give us a steer using the submission form.

Yes. Our Referral Programme seeks to expand the reach of our business so we accept qualified leads from all trusted sources – business owners, employees, sole traders etc. Rewards can be given to a business or to an individual.

If we make a successful connection with your referral and submit a proposal to them, we’ll send you your initial gift within 30 days, regardless of whether they become a client or not. If we then establish a contract with your referral, we’ll pay you a percentage of the first month’s contract. This payment will be made after the new client has been active for 60 days and after they have cleared their first invoice. If a contract dissolution clause is active (normally three months) or a trial period is applicable, payment will be made after this period has elapsed.

You can refer any organisation that uses I.T to fulfil their business needs. Their requirements could be anything from I.T support, cloud computing, email, VoIP, security, mobility or digital strategy.

Our T&Cs can be found here. Participants of our Referral Programme must read this document. Submission of referrals is taken as acknowledgement that the Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed to.

No. Spam and similar techniques must not be used to solicit referrals. Referrals acquired through unsolicited emails, social media or telephone, are strictly prohibited. If an individual refers low quality candidates, C3 Computers reserves the right to withhold payment. Consistent low quality referrals would result in C3 disallowing the individual from participating in the programme.

C3 Computers will demonstrate our products and services to any potential client, so you wouldn’t need to ‘sell’ us to them in any way. However, if you happen to mention our great services and products in conversation and they are keen to know more, you could always point them towards our website [hyperlink] where they can view our case studies, testimonials and more.

Of course – you can contact us via telephone, email, get in touch page or online chat. All contact details can be found here