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Mitigate security risks and meet compliance regulations

Webroot® Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses are specifically designed to help you address the human factor to enhance your business and client's overall security posture and meet compliance regulations.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use user education solution to reduce user-generated security breaches and enhance your business’ and clients’ overall cybersecurity posture. By training users through phishing simulations, and short, topical, relevant security and compliance courses, businesses minimise the impact of cyberattacks that exploit end-users.

Engaging, interactive courses, making them easily consumable to employees as well as the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity education programs. Keeping the information flowing, creating an enjoyable yet knowledgeable program. The course includes a 'Phishing Simulation' which allows you to launch realistic phishing simulations and lets you accurately monitor real-world user responses, then direct awareness programs to users accordingly.

Measuring individual and overall success is the key to success. The Learning Management System keeps track of user participation, making all education accountable and measurable.

Activity reports can be shared with management to measure progress, risk score, and ROI. Training reports show user progress, so accountability and value are always clear.

A study by the Ponemon Institute on the value of employee training showed that businesses who roll out security awareness training programs see improvements of between 26% and 99% in their phishing email click rates, with an average improvement of a 64%.

During the first 6 months of usage, Webroot Security Awareness Training customers have seen these results:

- Phishing click-through rates drop from a 37% average to 12% in 6 months.

- Results are doubly effective if users leverage both phishing simulations and training, rather than simulations alone.

- The more training courses you run, the better the results.

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